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Intelligent three-meters

Smart power meters, water meters, and gas meters are new type meters that use modern microelectronic technology, sensing technology, and Internet of Things technology for measurement, transfer, and settlement of electricity, water, and gas. They have functions such as remote meter reading, remote data collection and control, real-time monitoring and pre-increase etc. It brings great contribution for promoting  ecological civilization, improving energy utilization, and upgrading the level of public services.

As a data reliability guarantee device for smart meters, supercapacitors can complete data storage and information    transmission when occasional faults occur for city grid, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of billing information. Because of the particularity of its use environment, smart meters have very high requirements for devices, which require devices to work normally under high temperature and high humidity. Compared with the traditional wet electrode, the dry electrode has better high temperature performance and better reliability without any ‘alkali climbing’ phenomenon in high temperature and high humidity environment.

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