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Backup power supply for wind power pitch system

The basic principle of supercapacitor application in wind turbine pitch system: The power grid supplies electricity for the operation of the fan and in the meantime charges the supercapacitor module through the charger controlled by the intelligent management system until it reaches the rated voltage. Under emergency conditions, the wind turbine pitch control system issues instructions to perform emergency pitch control. At this time, the supercapacitor begins to discharge, and the pitch system controls the blade pitch to achieve the purpose of safe shutdown. The wind power field is mostly in a high temperature and high humidity environment that is prone to ‘climbing alkali’ phenomenon by wet process electrode, which leads to the corrosion of the circuit board and malfunction of the emergency pitch module. Due to its special solvent-free production process, the dry electrode has no impact from ‘climbing alkali ’ phenomenon and is more suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment.

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