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Guangdong Tsingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Wholly-owned subsidiary)

Guangdong Tsingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (Guangdong Tsingyan Electronic) was founded in May 2021 and wholly owned by Shenzhen Tsingyan Electronic. The founding team is committed to the industrialization of dry electrode technology, which came from independent innovation of Shenzhen Tsingyan Electronic. Targeting as a key player in supercapacitor industry, Guangdong Tsingyan Electronic has made great efforts to achieve large-scale production with high quality and performance, low cost and diverse applications. At present, strategic cooperation and supply relationship has be established between Guangdong Qingyan Electronic and key companies in supercapacitors and lithium-ion capacitors industry, such as Great Wall Development, Boaige, Jianghai Energy Storage, Gaode Technology and Mingxi Technology.

With customer demand-oriented strategy, Guangdong Tsingyan Electronic have developed and produced electrode products with high added value for customers. Up to now, all kinds of medium and senior engineers have joined Guangdong Tsingyan Electronic and apply for more than 40% of the total employees. The main products are dry electrode products for energy storage devices, which are used in the field of high-end electronic components.

Technology source

The innovative technology of Guangdong Tsingyan Electronic comes from the Advanced Energy Storage Materials and Devices Laboratory (AESD Lab) of Tsinghua University Research Institute in Shenzhen (RITS), which was established in 2004. For 19 years, AESD Lab has been focusing on the key technology research on industrialization of energy storage materials and devices and become more and more professional and experienced in the electrochemical energy storage industry.

Course of Industrial Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

Dry electrode , developed and produced by Guangdong Tsingyan Electronic, has solved cut-off dilemma of Automotive-grade "dry electrode " caused by the acquisition of Maxwell (global leading company) by TESLA . Along with localization of imported materials, a large-scale production line has been built with an annual capacity of 1 million square meters.

Fundamental research on application of powder into films technology


Research on key technologies of dry electrode industrialization


Realization of roll-to-roll continuous production with independent intellectual property


Establishment of company focused on dry electrode


Pilot scale study of dry electrode for EV battery


Preparation of 1Gwh dry-electrode production line for EV battery