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Perforated aluminum foil

Porous aluminum foil is a new type of aluminum current collector material with a specified shape and regular arrangement of small holes running through the aluminum foil.

Product Overview

Product Characteristics: Compared with the untreated aluminum foil, the porous structure of the foil is more conducive to the rapid shuttle of electrolyte ions between the electrodes and is also more conducive to filling more active materials, which can improve the electrochemical performance of the device.

Product Performance:

Improvement of the working voltage, capacity and energy density of the device

Improvement of the charge and discharge efficiency of the device

Improvement of the adhesion of the electrode and the cycle life of the device

improving the binding force of the electrode plate and prolonging the cycle life of the device

Product Application

Suitable for lithium ion power batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, lithium ion capacitors, etc.